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Al Dammam Pest Control & Cleaning Company Abu Dhabi

Al Dammam Pest Control & Cleaning Company

Tel: 02-6723210

Category/Detail: Pest Control Services >>>

Abu_Dhabi_(emirate) / إمارة_أبوظبي

Address: P.O.Box : 111054, Abu Dhabi


Company listed before: All Seasons Landscaping, Irrigation & General Cont (Tel: 02-5525565) | Company listed after: Oceaneering Ois (Tel: 02-5555855)

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Unni Krishnan, (unnik@mazco.com.sa), 15.06.2013 - 11:41
Mohammed Al-Zoabi Mazco Dammam is Bullshit and blood sucker Company.
Ex Emp of Mazco, (mazco420@gmail.com), 04.06.2013 - 01:14
Dear All, I would like to sincerely share my bad experience with one of the Manpower Company in Saudi Arabia Eastern Province by name Mohammed Al Zoabi Corp. (MAZCO). This company exploits its employees by delay in payment of salary, Provide cheap airline ticket with multiple transits points instead of providing direct flight ticket, vacation schedule problem, delay / hold in paying vacation amount, not paying End of Service benefits, etc. So I advise all my friends who are seeking job in this company to think again before taking final decision.
SUDHIR, (sudhirkj@yahoo.com), 28.01.2012 - 10:06
Mohammed Al Zoabi Corporation Dammam (MAZCO) is Blood sucker Company Please re-check if you are applying for a job you can find several good companies in Saudi Arabia but don’t go to this company because this is a blood sucker company.
Jose, (joscamilon112@yahoo.co.ph), 24.01.2012 - 13:08
Beware the Mazco Company in Saudi Arabia Hi, Kabayan/Friends/Expats, it is good if you want to work in Saudi Arabia but let me explain of my experience while I was there. I been worked in Mohammed Al Zoaibi Corporation Dammam Saudi Arabia “MAZCO” 10 years but I have bitter experience because everyone is boss in Mazco Dammam office specially a Sudani and a Kerala guy which ware working as clerk and accountant some time Mazco is not paying 3 months of their employee’s salaries but the office staff are enjoying. Mazco have managers without power. Mazco walampera. You will suffer in Mazco if you want to go on your schedule vacation especially for ticket, pending Salaries, and other benefits. So, dear friends if you want to work in petrochemical try to direct hire not through sub contractor but if you will not find chance for direct hire then go to Dar Al Riyad, Sraco, Eram engineering, Jal International and so on, but beware of Mazco he is a commission agent like a pimp some time they ate your all money. Best of luck
AMIDU SEIDU, (nurusaeed@yahoo.com), 29.07.2011 - 10:35
I really congratulate you on your achievements and may Allah bless all your efforts.my case with you is personal.can you mail me your contact so we can discurse it offline.(To the Manager)
Boon Nashar Al, (bnashal1@yahoo.com.sg), 26.07.2010 - 13:42
I am a operation manager in a cleaning company. I am looking for the same post...
sooraj, (soorajp37@gmail.com), 08.01.2010 - 10:10
i need more information about almariah united group. please give any phone no of employee in almariah also he is elogs to kerala
amira, (), 30.05.2009 - 18:25
Hey al dammam do you do full house infumigation against all kinds of pests. If yes, how much does it cost?
shakir khan, (), 08.12.2008 - 15:58