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Al Huda Contracting

Tel: 02-6441440

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Abu_Dhabi_(emirate) / إمارة_أبوظبي

Address: P.O.Box : 6017, Abu Dhabi


Company listed before: Al Huda Corner Fashion (Tel: 02-6661668, 02-6330700) | Company listed after: Al Huda Computers (Tel: 02-6778002)

Up to fifteen companies with similar names or scope of business are listed below:

  1. Al Hubaishi Grocery - Al Hubaishi Grocery,
  2. Al Hubaishi Iron Works - Al Hubaishi Iron Works,
  3. Al Hubaishi Metal Industries Co - Al Hubaishi Metal Industries Co LLC,
  4. Al Huboob Salon - Al Huboob Salon,
  5. Al Huda Bookshop & Cassettes - Al Huda Bookshop & Cassettes,
  6. Al Huda Butchery - Al Huda Butchery,
  7. Al Huda Butchery & Grills - Al Huda Butchery & Grills,
  8. Al Huda Car Rent - Al Huda Car Rent,
  9. Al Huda Computers - Al Huda Computers,
  10. Al Huda Contracting - Al Huda Contg,
  11. Al Huda Corner Fashion - Al Huda Corner Fashion,
  12. Al Huda Foodstuff - Al Huda Foodstuff,
  13. Al Huda Gen Contracting - Al Huda Gen Contg,
  14. Al Huda Hydraulic Pipe Clamping - Al Huda Hydraulic Pipe Clamping,
  15. Al Huda Hydraulic Pipe Climping - Al Huda Hydraulic Pipe Climping,

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