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B A C (Middle East) Dubai

B A C (Middle East)

Tel: 04-3375747

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Dubai / إمارة_دبي

Address: P.O.Box : 8743, Dubai

Landmark : Next To Lamcy Plaza

Company listed before: B F Pack (Tel: 04-2674878) | Company listed after: British Dental Clinic (Tel: 04-3421318)

Up to fifteen companies with similar names or scope of business are listed below:

  1. Al Qutb Air Conditioning & Elect Rapairing - Al Qutb A/C & Elect Rapairing,
  2. Bin Ezreb Air Conditioning Central Repair - Bin Ezreb A/C Central Repair,
  3. Mohd Salim Nawab Air Conditioning & Electronics Repairing - Mohd Salim Nawab A/C & Electronics Repairing,
  4. Punjab Air Conditioning & Refrigation Works - Punjab A/C & Refrigation Works,
  5. Al Darb Air Conditioning & Cooling Equip Repairing & Fitting - Al Darb A/C & Cooling Equip Repairing & Fitting,
  6. Mehboob Air Conditioning Repairing Workshop - Mehboob A/C Repairing Workshop,
  7. Al Seeb Air Conditioning Refrig Repair Shop - Al Seeb A/C Refrig Repair Shop,
  8. Al Aqrab Air Conditioning & Refrig Repairing Service - Al Aqrab A/C & Refrig Repairing Service,
  9. Al Aqrab Air Conditioning Refrigeration Repairing Services - Al Aqrab A/C Refrigeration Repairing Services,
  10. Al Kawkab Air Conditioning & Ref Maint Workshop - Al Kawkab A/C & Ref Maint Workshop,
  11. Al Naqeeb Air Conditioning Units Fix Contracting - Al Naqeeb A/C Units Fix Contg,
  12. Al Sehab Air Conditioning Units Fix Contracting - Al Sehab A/C Units Fix Contg,
  13. Sad Marab Air Conditioning & Ref Service - Sad Marab A/C & Ref Service,
  14. Sad Marab Air Conditioning & Ref Service (Reference: 148164) - Sad Marab A/C & Ref Service,
  15. Al Khatib Air Conditioning Repairing & Maintenance - Al Khatib A/C Repairing & Maintenance,

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Yungui chen, (yunguichen@ymail.com), 31.07.2009 - 21:04
Zhejiang ZITIC Import & Export Co., Ltd. Greetings, Am Mr Yungui Chen i work with the above company but currently in UK for some official duties.I will like you to work with us as company repesentative in your location.I shall give you details of our products and company as you correspond to this email. You can reach me in my private number and email as i hope to hear from you soon. Phone no:+44-703-593-2061 Email: yunguichen@ymail.com