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Baker Hughes Eho Ltd Dubai Branch Dubai

Baker Hughes Eho Ltd Dubai Branch

Tel: 04-8082888, 04-8831617

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Dubai / إمارة_دبي

Address: P.O.Box : 567, Dubai


Company listed before: Baker Hughes Eho Ltdinteq Division (Tel: 04-8082300) | Company listed after: Baker Hughes Eho Ltd - Inteq Division (Tel: 04-8082300)

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Baker Hughes Companies

Baker Hughes is comprised of eight divisions that provide products and services for drilling, formation evaluation and production. Our leading technologies – and our ability to apply them effectively – create value for our customers and shareholders.

Baker Atlas
Advanced well logging and completion services
Baker Atlas provides well logging and data analysis for drilling, production, and reservoir management. Our advanced technologies help oil and gas producers evaluate their reservoirs and produce them efficiently to maximize hydrocarbon recovery. Baker Atlas operates a worldwide network of geoscience centers. Our geologists, geophysicists, and reservoir engineers apply their expertise and advanced software tools to help customers optimize production from their fields.

Baker Oil Tools
Completion, fishing, and workover solutions
Baker Oil Tools leads the industry in completion, fishing, and workover technologies. The company excels at engineering and manufacturing products and systems to help customers reduce their well costs while enhancing oil and gas recovery. Recent innovations include intelligent completion systems, multilateral junctions, sand control completions for horizontal wells, and advanced milling systems for reentry operations.

Baker Petrolite
Specialty chemical programs
Baker Petrolite provides oilfield chemical programs for drilling, well stimulation, production, pipeline transportation, and maintenance reduction. The division's products improve process efficiency, decrease operating costs, and resolve environmental problems.

Electrical submersible pumping systems
Centrilift is the market leader in the electrical submersible pumping (ESP) systems industry for both oilfield and water well applications. Centrilift is the only provider that designs and manufactures the complete ESP system, including the down-hole motor, seal, pump, gas separator and sensors as well as power cable and surface controllers. Centrilift technology is expanding the range of ESPs in harsh environments such as wells with high gas content, viscous fluids, high bottomhole temperatures and fluids with scale and corrosion. Centrilift also provides progressing cavity pumping (PCP) systems and horizontal surface pumping systems.

Hughes Christensen
The world standard in drill bits
Hughes Christensen sets the standard in drill-bit technology for the oil, gas, mining, and geothermal industries. Hughes Christensen product lines include the Tricone™ roller cone bits and fixed cutter (diamond) bits. Computerized design, world class testing facilities, and state-of-the-art manufacturing allow Hughes Christensen to develop and produce drill bits that deliver optimum performance in every application. Recent innovations include the Ultramax™ Tricone bit series, Genesis™ PDC bits and Hedgehog™ impregnated diamond bits, and new drilling optimization technology.

Advanced drilling technologies and services
INTEQ delivers advanced drilling technologies and services that deliver efficiency and precise well placement. Major capabilities include directional drilling, Measurement-While-Drilling (MWD), Logging-While-Drilling (LWD), and well-site information management services. One recent development, the AutoTrak™ rotary closed-loop drilling system, automatically drills along a preprogrammed well path with higher penetration rates and a smoother borehole than conventional drilling systems. Other new technologies from INTEQ include the Multiple Propagation Resistivity (MPR™) LWD system, the NaviGator™ geosteering system, and the Navi-Drill™ Ultra-Series drilling motors.

Baker Hughes Drilling Fluids
Drilling efficiency, increased hydrocarbon production
Baker Hughes Drilling Fluids is committed to providing effective, environmentally sound fluids technology to achieve high performance around the world with specialty additives, completion fluids, water-base and synthetic-base drilling fluids systems.

Production enhancement and optimization
ProductionQuest is focused on providing technically advanced, value adding production optimization products and services that help operators accelerate production, increase the ultimate rate of recovery and reduce the total cost of ownership.