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Baker Hughes Eho Ltdinteq Division Dubai

Baker Hughes Eho Ltdinteq Division

Tel: 04-8082300

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Dubai / إمارة_دبي

Address: P.O.Box : 567, Dubai


Company listed before: Baker Hughes Inteq (Tel: 04-8837062) | Company listed after: Baker Hughes Eho Ltd Dubai Branch (Tel: 04-8082888, 04-8831617)

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SUSSA, (), 05.01.2009 - 23:37
Drilling and Formation Evaluation
» Integrated Formation Evaluation

In today's environment, the need for fit for purpose Wireline/LWD/Coring Solutions is ever more a prerequisite. Baker Hughes, through its Baker Atlas/ INTEQ divisions are committed to providing Best-In-Class LWD/Wireline Formation Evaluation to the Oil and Gas Industry.

» Directional Drilling

INTEQ is an industry leader in directional and performance drilling applications. The AutoTrak® rotary closed loop drilling system combines the advantages of a downhole guidance system, two-way communication and continuous drill string rotation to deliver breakthrough performance in designer profile and extended reach wells. INTEQ also provides high-performance downhole motors, including its Navi-Drill® Ultra Series tools.

» Drill Bits

Hughes Christensen produces a comprehensive line of Tricone® bits and Diamond drill bits, and supports them with a worldwide network of applications engineers. The Hughes Christensen line includes tungsten carbide insert (TCI) and steel tooth Tricone rock bits. Hughes Christensen diamond bit technology includes the Genesis line of PDC bits and the HedgeHog impregnated diamond bit line.

» Measurement While Drilling

Measurement While Drilling offers information and evaluation technology to help control well placement. Our surface and downhole technologies guide wells to hit precise geological targets and keep long horizontal sections in thin zones.

» Surface Logging Services

Surface Logging Services use an array of reliable sensors, hardware and software to gather and evaluate data for drilling efficiency, geologic control, formation evaluation and safety. The new RIGLINKSM data communications service enables clients to access real-time rig site data from any location using Internet technology.

» Drilling Fluid Systems

Baker Hughes Drilling Fluids complete line of drilling fluids technology and service optimizes drilling performance while minimizing damage to the producing formation. Baker Hughes Drilling Fluids systems meet environmental requirements without compromising drilling performance.

» Fluids Environmental Services

Fluids Environmental Services specific business focus is to provide unique, specialized environmental services to the drilling industry. Our business is about reducing the cost of environmental compliance through efficient handling and disposal of waste. It encompasses equipment and services directly related to the provision of Drilling Fluids such as Solids Control Equipment, Waste Treatment, Cuttings Handling and Cuttings Disposal.

» Coring Services

INTEQ provides Coring Services to obtain formation samples that can yield key data about the reservoir, such as rock properties, water saturation and wettability.

» Wireline Logging

Baker Atlas formation evaluation technologies help oil companies evaluate geological, geophysical and Petrophysical properties to improve oil and gas exploration and production as well as accurately quantifying the economic value of the reservoirs. The company’s field-proven instruments measure Petrophysical properties adjacent to cased and open wellbores to determine production potential and identify reservoir problems.

» Reservoir and Petrophysical Analysis

Baker Hughes has broad capabilities in reservoir and Petrophysical analysis. The company acquires a full array of measurements related to the reservoir, including wireline logs (Baker Atlas), logging while drilling measurements ( INTEQ), fluids samples (Baker Atlas), geological mud logging and core samples (INTEQ).