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Bavaria Pastries Abu Dhabi

Bavaria Pastries

Tel: 02-6794459

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Abu_Dhabi_(emirate) / إمارة_أبوظبي

Address: P.O.Box : 44366, Abu Dhabi


Company listed before: Bavaria Pastries (Reference: 14840) (Tel: 02-6449446, 02-6764162) | Company listed after: Bavaria International Exhibitions Organizers (Tel: 02-6459963)

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Din Al Asmeh, (), 16.11.2008 - 04:51
I found this great review of the Bavaria Pastries - http://www.nonoh.com/20080405/abu-dhabi-uae-trip

Bavaria Pastries (02)679-4459 - If ever I was to live in this city, I will make sure I live close to this cafe. It is located at Kalifha Bin Zayed Street (3rd Street) across the Hamdan Post Office, Ninar Cafe, and Transylvania Cafe. It is a two-storey cafe with a patio for anyone who enjoys their meal under the sun in front of the city street. Inside is an ideal atmosphere to spend late lunch or early dinner. A feeling of coziness is present because the tables are setup like a dining for a countryside vacation house. If you want discreet, more private and access to power outlets, the second floor is a haven. The tables are arranged in booths.

The atmosphere is not what I like about Bavaria. It is the food. I have not tasted everything on the menu, but I can only say about a couple. I’m a burger person, so let’s start with that.

“BAVARIA” FAMOUS BURGER - The best burger I have ever tasted. It’s not heavy, yet very tasty and can fill a hungry appetite. It probably is halal, but I did not sense that taste. Maybe because of the fried onions that took care of the odd halal taste. The bun is not soft, yet not too hard. I can finish two of this in one serving. A serving includes french fries.

GRILLED CHICKEN - It’s the sauce that’s making this meal very tasty. Since the people I came with are known in the restaurant, we were able to acquire massive amount of sauce on the side. Partnered with a delicious fried rice, this is another meal that I won’t get tired of.