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Biryani Express Catering Service Dubai

Biryani Express Catering Service

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Arif Husain, (arifbeefx@yahoo.com), 21.10.2010 - 13:19
I am trying to call for order last 20 min but nobody is attending my phone. Please reply me why ? arif Husain 050 5141 658
KRK, (), 05.08.2009 - 15:16
Biryani comes from the Persian word “ Birian” which means “ fried before cooking” or that though it is considered a royal dish of the Nizams and the Nawabs it was never ever served to the royal guests? Biryani is believed to have been brought to India by Taimur Long, or Taimur, the lame.

A.S Empire (The Multi Project Group) is the builder of the brand, “Biryani Express” and “Food express Factory™.
The Founder, President & CEO, Mr. Aslam A.S Karim founded multi project company of real estate ,entertainment complex, trading division and food factory outlets in year of 2000 .
The company is a sister concern of a large hospitality, entertainment and trading group, owning many restaurants, trading houses, super stores in Pakistan and abroad.
The company is also a major player in the global trading and premier business club (business bazaar) and also is working in consultancy, product distribution, franchise market as well as several other businesses.
The current major portfolio under the A.S Empire banner consists of Food Factory Express/ Biryani Express”. The .S Empire has incubated its brand in the Pakistan’s most competitive & difficult retail market, Lahore with expansion in major cities of Islamabad and Karachi. and based on its learning A.S Empire network is now set to expand to other potential cities in abroad, particularly in India, U.A.E, Saudi Arabia, Oman, U.K, United States and others, where presence of Pakistani / Asian community lives nearby. Currently A.S Empire has 66 major company owned outlets / restaurants, food factories, catering division, food foundations, call centre, kiosks and more than 90 franchised / joint ventures outlets / sell points across Pakistan and is expected to across 400 by the mid of 2010.
Mr. Aslam A.S Karim described as a buzzing entrepreneur by many publications of news and trade has always been intrigued by the power of retail brands that are visible, accessible and affordable by a broad customer base. He intended to create a concept of selling Quality Express food at Fast-Food prices of indo-Pakistanis, where the taste is acceptable internationally.
Biryani Express ™,Potato & Potatoes, Peri Peri Chicken, Tiffins Express are a part of A.S Empire food division. A.S Empire is the leader in the Express Food concept (wholesome meal is equal to one dollar US$) and Fast Food business.
A.S Empire has national and international trading product representation, exporting owns products like tin cans food, express masala, rice express and others. Food industry of food packing and others supplementary products are in process of establishment .
In mid of 2008, fueled by inspiration, A.S Empire launched the first ever quick Self Service of Biryani Express on Wheels, Call Centre, Catering Division, Kiosks and other products supported by franchise network, specializing in food Express supplied by own food factories at the lowest rates. "mazay se Pait bhar jaye"™ (Wholesome meal in Rs.69/+ drink), targeting all food counters in majority of the malls.
Though the business arena is bursting with competition, Biryani Express and Food Factory in a short span of time has distinguished it and come to emerge as the cities market leader due to its unwavering commitment to quality Fusion / Traditional Food available to a large customer base at very Value for money rates.
The success of A.S Empire food network is based in build your business in accounting, finance, planning, human resource, marketing sales, operation, technology supported by strategy and latest tactics of business opportunity.
KRK, (), 11.02.2009 - 02:07
Biryani Express

During Ramadan, public kitchens take bulk orders of biryani and harees, a local meat-and-wheat paste. Orders are placed by the mun, a local measure of weight for rice that equals four kilogrammes. In biryani, a mun actually weighs 10kgs because six kilogrammes of meat are always included.
A biryani mun feeds around 20 people, and costs about Dh225.
"We make a minimum of 30 muns daily, virtually all of it meant for mosque iftars," said Shafiq Shauket, Manager at Al Shaba Kitchen in Sharjah.
"It is mostly UAE national families that place the order," he said. There are around 60 such kitchens in Sharjah, with each making an average of about 30 muns each day during Ramadan. That means residents are giving away food worth around Dh12 million.
In a typical kitchen, half-a-dozen chefs start preparing biryani and harees as early as 10 in the morning.
"It takes a good six hours or so for everything to be ready. Then, the pots are covered and kept warm on the stove. After that, we load them into vans, which deliver them to the mosques," said Shauket.
Volunteers serve the food on plates, neatly arranged in rows.
"I’ve always wondered where all this food comes from so I could thank the sponsor," said Faisal K., a Bangladeshi hairdresser.