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Bon Food Restaurant (Reference: 176768) Dubai

Bon Food Restaurant (Reference: 176768)

Tel: 04-3380807

Category/Detail: Restaurants (Food and Dining) >>> Mixed >>>

Dubai / إمارة_دبي

Address: P.O.Box : 72253, Dubai

Landmark : In Foodcourt Area

Company listed before: Bon Industries (Tel: 06-5261567) | Company listed after: Bon Food Restaurant (Tel: 04-3380807, 04-3382422)

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Manal, (), 04.12.2008 - 03:48

The BONFOOD team shall functions on the staunch principles of TQM-Total Quality Management.

1.100% hygiene in the kitchen, use of quality products and impeccable service shall be the benchmarks for perfection in performance

2.Ensures the BONFOOD management and staffs is fully trained in the use of Performance-Indicating Technology, learning from and adapting to more efficient systems. Also to ensure the sequence of processes is scientifically programmed and implemented.

3.Employ specialized resources and manage quality of management, recognised throughout the industry. And also ensure that the BONFOOD culture of professionalism, honesty and performance, is maintained and passed down to the lowest rung of the ladder.

As committed to quality we shall ensure that, our operations depend on a highly developed level of team work, staff orientation and training, and developing immaculate service solutions for our customers. Thus, by investing in new equipment and in the best personnel, BONFOOD remains totally committed to its customers and to the future, together.


BONFOOD recognizes that in pursuing its objectives in providing quality catering service, it has a responsibility and it should take the opportunity to protect and nurture the environment.
By exercising proper control over its activities our company will promote the use of sustainable resources and discourage wasteful or damaging practices.

Health, Safety and Environmental issues are of great importance to BONFOOD and we Endeavour to provide safe and healthy places of work and to encourage safe working practices amongst all our people and safe environment for society, customers and suppliers.

BONFOOD LLC has a fully integrated approach to food safety and due diligence. We are dedicated to ensuring all our employees comply with health and safety and food safety requirements.
To do this we carry out vital inspections and also train our teams on up to date policies and procedures as well as any  food alerts or advances in technology.

With our stringent purchasing policy, suppliers are selected against quality and hygiene specifications and only those companies who meet the rigorous standards are authorized as a nominated supplier.

1. This statement applies to services, outlets, kitchen and activities within the control of the BONFOOD LLC, UAE. Our company is making detailed arrangements for implementing this policy which are outlined in a further section of the Policy entitled, Organization and Arrangements. BONFOOD is committed to the conservation and improvement of the environment and to minimizing the environmental impacts of the risks arising from its activities.

2. BONFOOD will manage its operations in ways that are environmentally sustainable and economically feasible and provide appropriate environmental education programmes for its staff, suppliers and customer.

3. In order to achieve this aim the company has the following key objectives:
a.to promote sound environmental management policies and practices throughout     the organization.
b.as a minimum, to comply with the requirements of relevant legislation;
c.to make efficient and environmentally responsible use of energy and water;
d.to promote environmentally responsible procurement of goods and services;
e.to minimize waste production as far as is practicable, to reuse or recycle waste where appropriate and to regulate the treatment and disposal of residual waste;
f.to reduce and, where practicable, prevent pollution;
g.to minimize the impact of transport on the environment arising from its own vehicles and those brought on to the company.
h.to minimize any adverse environmental impact of any new projects under our control.
i.to maintain the outlets in an environmentally sensitive way;
j.to minimize the adverse environmental impact of the decommissioning and disposal of organizational assets;
k.to communicate within the organization and to the outside community the organization’s environmental performance;
l.to raise awareness of staff and students of the University's environmental impact, activities and performance and to promote individual good practice.

 4.The main responsibility for implementation of this policy lies with all outlet managers,   Corporate Chef, Operations Manager and Chief Executive Officer

5. The Heads of all Cost/Profit Centers are responsible for ensuring compliance with the Organization’s Environment Policy within their area of control.

 6.The Company will actively monitor the performance of Cost/Profit Centers in the implementation of the key objectives of this Policy in the activities under their control.

Whilst the Company accepts the main responsibility for implementation of this policy individuals have a very important role in co-operating with those responsible for safeguarding the environment. Individuals are required to abide by rules and requirements made under the authority of this policy.