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Cairo Tower Supermarket (Reference: 128698) Sharjah

Cairo Tower Supermarket (Reference: 128698)

Tel: 06-5534094

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Sharjah_(emirate) / Sharjah_(emirate)

Address: P.O.Box : 25878, Sharjah


Company listed before: Cairo Typing & Photocopy (Tel: 06-5727814) | Company listed after: Cairo Tower Supermarket (Tel: 06-5534095)

Up to fifteen companies with similar names or scope of business are listed below:

  1. Cairo Agriculture Co - Cairo Agriculture Co,
  2. Cairo Palster - Cairo Palster,
  3. Cairo Textiles Exhibition - Cairo Textiles Exhibition,
  4. Cairo Textiles Exhibition - Branch - Cairo Textiles Exhibition - Branch,
  5. Fatatery Cairo Tower - Fatatery Cairo Tower,
  6. Cairo Gas Distribution - Cairo Gas Distribution Est,
  7. Cairo Gen Maint - Cairo Gen Maint,
  8. Cairo Ind Machines & Equip Readg - Cairo Ind Machines & Equip Readg Est,
  9. Cairo Ind Mech Equip Trading - Cairo Ind Mech Equip Trdg Est,
  10. Cairo Ind Mech Equip Trading (Reference: 52921) - Cairo Ind Mech Equip Trdg Est,
  11. Cairo Ind Mech Equip Trading (Reference: 52922) - Cairo Ind Mech Equip Trdg Est,
  12. Cairo Butchery - Cairo Butchery,
  13. Cairo Bldg Contracting - Cairo Bldg Contg,
  14. Cairo Restaurant - Cairo Restaurant,
  15. Cairo Butchery - Cairo Butchery,

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