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Dubai / إمارة_دبي

Address: P.O.Box : 35963, Dubai


Company listed before: City Line Gen Land Transport (Tel: 04-2219554) | Company listed after: City Line Car Rental (Tel: 04-3962489, 04-3977726, 04-3977838)

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Mary Ann N. Cabuhal, (maryanncabuhal@yahoo.com), 14.12.2011 - 01:59
Hi Im Mary Ann N. Cabuhal.....I just want to follow my 2 boxes of sea cargo because I\'m already here in the Philippines but where are my 2 boxes of packages i\'ve been waiting for them for a long month...Is there any problem with our transaction to your good office? Kindly check if they are still there in Dubai or they are all here in the Philippines.... Can i have a contact number of your office here in the Philippines......thank you....I\'m hoping for your response ASAP
Evangeline S. Arboleda, (arboledaevangeline@yahoo.com.ph), 22.11.2011 - 05:33
Hi, I am Evangeline Arboleda, i just want to fallow up my previous transaction with your company. I had send my cargo several times with your company Last July 10, 2011 I had send 1 small box of my package, and then it fallowed by month of August 14, 2011 with 2 large boxes. Im already here in the PHILIPPINES but until now i dont have any feedback about my transaction with your company what happen? Why you are not giving any information with your customers that are having pending transaction with your company? We are patiently waiting I hope you\'ll do any action about this serious problem.
Roanne U.Calangan, (rahulhazra70@gmail.com), 10.11.2011 - 07:26
Hi,am Roanne again pls i cant wait for the responce coz 4 month till now my cargo will not recieve.Whats happening first time i try ur company bt i think it will not repeat again.I cald how many times but they said some problem but july i send that but didnt make any action.Even only contact no#in the Philippines nothing,how can i claim my package.always say i call u but till now am waitng for call but no responce till when i wait.Am living here near only in ur office KARAMA,pls i need a quick responce call me 0554369421
Roanne u calangan, (Rahulhazra70@gmail.com), 18.10.2011 - 05:14
Am roanne I want to fallow up since July 23 until now not receiving my cargo.how many times I Cald but no one answered the phone and later on I cant reach it.so pls can u fallow up as soon as possible coz my kids need that coz school items.my cargo is Dubai to isabela Cagayan valley.I need ur response according to this problem thanks
Joel Daba Abesamis, (abesamis@imsdubai.com), 15.10.2011 - 04:20
Hi good morning i want to folow up since june 16 until now still i\'m not received our cargo so many times i call ur company...they say it to me ahh i\'m sorry mam still batch 55 always she said so what can i do regarding this big problem with us
Aquilina R. Obguia, (BabygirlShame@yahoo.com), 14.02.2009 - 21:35
i am going to follow up my sea cargo 56x56x78 that i am sending to the philippines last december 29, 2008. please response me if theres any problem regarding with this. thank you...