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Compunics Techinologies Dubai

Compunics Techinologies

Tel: 04-3590102, 04-3595980

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Dubai / إمارة_دبي

Address: P.O.Box : 51369, Dubai


Company listed before: Computec Class (Tel: 04-3938885) | Company listed after: Compume (Reference: 181755) (Tel: 04-3414442)

Up to fifteen companies with similar names or scope of business are listed below:

  1. Abjad Computer Systems - Abjad Computer Systems,
  2. Abjad Computer Systems (Reference: 419) - Abjad Computer Systems,
  3. Al Waqar Computers & Mobiles - Al Waqar Computers & Mobiles,
  4. Abu Dhabi & Gulf Computer Establishment - Abu Dhabi & Gulf Computer Establishment,
  5. Abu Dhabi & Gulf Computer Establishment (Reference: 640) - Abu Dhabi & Gulf Computer Establishment,
  6. Abu Dhabi Computer Centre - Abu Dhabi Computer Centre,
  7. Abu Dhabi Computer Centre (Reference: 758) - Abu Dhabi Computer Centre,
  8. Abu Dhabi Computer Centre (Reference: 759) - Abu Dhabi Computer Centre,
  9. Abu Dhabi Computer Centre (Reference: 760) - Abu Dhabi Computer Centre,
  10. Abu Dhabi Computer Institute - Abu Dhabi Computer Institute,
  11. Abu Dhabi Gulf Computer Establishment - Abu Dhabi Gulf Computer Establishment,
  12. Zakaria Computer Hardware & Software - Zakaria Computer Hardware & Software,
  13. Abu Labib Computer Typing Office - Abu Labib Computer Typing Office,
  14. Abu Mustafa Computer Co - Abu Mustafa Computer Co,
  15. Abu Mustafa Computers - Abu Mustafa Computers,

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Gholamreza Seyed Hassani, (nardingallery@yahoo.com), 28.10.2012 - 06:07
Dear Sir, An Indian named Bhagwan Khandu Sangle( Passport No. F1222854 ) has wrongly received my bought accordion from UAE postwas sent to p.o.box 51369.I had bought it from an American seller via Ebay and have all documents that can send them to you.Please kindly announce him/her about this matter in order to return my accordion or if possible send me his/her contact details.I will surely pay all charges.