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Delhi Private School (Reference: 130652) Sharjah

Delhi Private School (Reference: 130652)

Tel: 06-5736348, 06-5340917

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Sharjah_(emirate) / Sharjah_(emirate)

Address: P.O.Box : 26005, Sharjah


Company listed before: Delhi Supermarket (Tel: 06-5730866) | Company listed after: Delhi Private School (Tel: 06-5345352)

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PO Box - 26005



Telephone Number +971 - 6 - 5345352 +971 - 6 - 5348884 (PRIMARY WING)

Facsimile Number +971 - 6 - 5345858 +971 - 6 - 5355506 (PRIMARY WING)

Email dpsshj@emirates.net.ae, info@dpssharjah.com (For CLP Query) primarywing@dpssharjah.com (PRIMARY WING)
Anurag, (), 04.12.2008 - 03:13
The Learning Lab Our principal Abha Sahgal was very keen to ensure that the right to education is not denied to special need children. With this aim in mind she set up the Learning lab at DPS to cater to specific learning needs of such children. Trained teachers at the learning lab help children to overcome their learning difficulties and bring them back to the mainstream learning. The teachers are so thrilled when they were able to bring light into the lives of many special need children with the support of their parents and Mrs. Sahgal. We, as educationists and parents are often unable to detect children suffering from specific learning deficiencies such as dyslexia, reading or spelling disability, slow learners, and hyperactivity and so on. And if these disabilities go unchecked in the formative years of the child, it can become acute and difficult to treat. As a result, our mainstream teachers have been advised to report any such educational deficiency detected in a child to the Resource Teacher who can help make learning and teaching better for such students. The scientific exposure given at he Junior Science Lab, the literary impetus like, debates, recitation, quizzing, designing advertisements provided by The Language Lab And DPS Speakers Forum, the sights and colours, shapes and shades explored in a canvas at the Art Room, the drum beat, the string and the wind instrument accompanying the sweet vocal display at the Music Room, the rhythmic, and mind boggling and gravity defying movements at the Dance Room and the training the body and the mind through meditation and breathing exercise at the Yoga Classes. All work together in shaping well rounded personalities in our students at DPS.