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Emad Tours Emirates Ajman

Emad Tours Emirates

Tel: 06-7471172

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Ajman / إمارة_عجمان

Address: P.O.Box : 4301, Ajman


Company listed before: Emadi Glass Factory (Tel: 06-7439325) | Company listed after: Emad Tours (Tel: 06-7441917, 06-7471767)

Up to fifteen companies with similar names or scope of business are listed below:

  1. Al Eatemad Foodstuff & Meat - Al Eatemad Foodstuff & Meat Est,
  2. Emad Gen Contracting - Emad Gen Contg Est,
  3. Emad Ghunaim Mobile Phones - Emad Ghunaim Mobile Phones,
  4. Al Emad Computer & Mobile Phone - Al Emad Computer & Mobile Phone,
  5. Al Emad Tailoring & Embroidery - Al Emad Tailoring & Embroidery,
  6. Al Letemad Driving School - Al Letemad Driving School,
  7. Alemad Tailoring Embroidery - Alemad Tailoring Embroidery,
  8. Emad Garments Trading - Emad Garments Trading,
  9. Emad Tours - Emad Tours,
  10. Emad Tours Emirates - Emad Tours Emirates,
  11. Al Emad Gen Contracting Co Ltd - Al Emad Gen Contracting Co Ltd,
  12. Al Emad Insects Resistance - Al Emad Insects Resistance Est,
  13. Aleatemad Foodstuff & Meat - Aleatemad Foodstuff & Meat Est,
  14. Alemad Gen Contracting Company Ltd - Alemad Gen Contracting Company Ltd,
  15. Al Eatemad Boutique - Al Eatemad Boutique,

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MrDan, (daniel-saad@wiener-stadt.at), 14.10.2018 - 16:09
I write from the experiences of a car driver, chauffeur who once worked in this company in vienna: * Currently, the former employee runs after the boss for about a year ago, because this is still guilty about 1000 €. Despite the intervention of a conciliator, the chef say: \'\' I think about it\'\' or \'\' I have no money \'\' etc. * The boss did not pay the salary on time, you literally had to beg for the money. It was then said: \'\' Where did not get any \'\' \', but he expected in return consistent work performance, even if this took place at 5 in the morning. * The boss had little empathy with his staff, he ate the food they found, asked who got the food, but almost never paid for it themselves. * He never paid holiday Christmas or any other money unless threatened with law. * He only charged the tax office officially for the Uber rides, but almost all the other trips he receives over his brother\'s travel agency in Dubai, he concedes without paying tax in his own pocket. * Wanted to pay workers less than 6 euros / hour