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Emergency - Al Jarf Police Post - Ajman Ajman

Emergency - Al Jarf Police Post - Ajman

Tel: 06-7433363

Category/Detail: Police >>>

Ajman / إمارة_عجمان

Address: P.O.Box : 461, Ajman


Company listed before: Emergency - Al Nuaimia Police Post - Ajman (Tel: 06-7465888) | Company listed after: Emergency - Al Hameediyah Police Station - Ajman (Tel: 06-7490707)

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Mrs.Veronica Smith, (axis.recruitmentagency@hotmail.com), 15.10.2011 - 11:34
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Maya Tamang, (nepaldubai@gmail.com), 13.08.2011 - 04:02
Looser Rahul and Meera Pandit. Meera is a call girl in Nepal and Rahul is a pimp. I know this fact. They are cheating people to fly overseas.Why did you sent her on others visit visa?Why you did not asked an employment for job? Why you did not contacted police when Meera was in UAE? Why you did not contacted the agency? Because Meera wass working illegal. She contacted many arabs for spending nights for 200 dirhams. If you want to know more, contact saloon itself.
Jaon, (peace@wlink.com.np), 13.08.2011 - 03:25
Hey Rahul, We have a long experience of 11 yrs with this company and Ms.Nisha too. She is solid of her words. We are a company in Nepal and we have recruited hundreds till now through her. She send visit visas and airtickets on her own expense for the applicants [ like Meera] and if they fail, they are sent back hometown. She never charges to the applicants and look well during there stay in UAE. I have visited her all the offices so many times. But your sister may be failed to convience the saloon operator so you must teach her first her task before you blame others and travelling on the other\'s expenses. Peace International Waliphal Kathmandu 1-525336
meera pandit, (rahulgurung143@yahoo.com), 15.05.2011 - 03:51
Sir, My name is Rahul and my sister Meera Pandit was recruited in Ajman by Alraji group - Ms. Nisha Gandhi mob no. 0507872345 as a beautician. we did not know regarding the visa, and later we found out that she had sent visit visa. Our complaint to you regarding her is they made my sister work in a saloon in ajman for three months and was not given any salary and at the end of three months they just booked her ticket and send her back to nepal. the employer of the saloon had kept her as a prisoner and was not given proper treatment like proper food and accommodation. When she demanded the salary and the facilities as she was promised they beat her up. Sir, we are a poor people and we humbly would like to request your goodself to kindly take an action on Ms. Nisha Gandhi so that she will not cheat any innocent people in the near future and spoil the reputation of the people of UAE. Thank you