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Gates Fleximak Abu Dhabi Abu Dhabi

Gates Fleximak Abu Dhabi

Tel: 02-5542754

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Abu_Dhabi_(emirate) / إمارة_أبوظبي

Address: P.O.Box : 8543, Abu Dhabi


Company listed before: Gates Fleximak Oilfield Services (Gates Fleximak Ltd) (Tel: 02-5542754) | Company listed after: Gates Fleximak (Formerly Enzed) (Tel: 02-5542754)

Up to fifteen companies with similar names or scope of business are listed below:

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  3. Gates Fleximak Abu Dhabi - Gates Fleximak Abu Dhabi,
  4. Gates Fleximak Oilfield Services (Gates Fleximak Ltd) - Gates Fleximak Oilfield Services (Gates Fleximak Ltd),
  5. Shamha Gates Gen Maint - Shamha Gates Gen Maint,
  6. City Gates Bldg Materials Trading - City Gates Bldg Materials Trading,
  7. Meera Automatic Gates & Barriers Trading - Meera Automatic Gates & Barriers Trading,
  8. Shama Automatic Gates & Barriers Trading - Shama Automatic Gates & Barriers Trading,
  9. Specialization Automatic Gates - Specialization Automatic Gates,
  10. Gulf Star Minerals & Aggregates - Gulf Star Minerals & Aggregates LLC,
  11. Gulf Star Minerals & Aggregates - Gulf Star Minerals & Aggregates LLC,
  12. Pangates International Corporation Ltd - Pangates International Corporation Ltd,
  13. Ahsan Gates & Decor Trading - Ahsan Gates & Decor Trading Est,
  14. Pangates International Corp Ltd - Pangates Int Corp Ltd,
  15. Al Khatem Automatic Gates - Al Khatem Automatic Gates Est,

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About Gates

Gates is organized into three product groups -- Worldwide Power Transmission, Worldwide Automotive Hoses, and Worldwide Hydraulic and Industrial Hose & Connectors. The worldwide product groups are responsible for product development, manufacturing, product globalization and manufacturing capacity and utilization.

Sales, marketing and distribution activities are handled by Gates Europe, Gates Asia/Pacific Operations, and The Americas, which includes North America, South America and the Caribbean.

The company sells its products directly to automotive and industrial original equipment manufacturers and through a network of 150,000 distributors, jobbers and dealers worldwide.

Gates Quality Commitment

Over the years, Gates built its reputation by providing the highest-quality products and services. That dedication to quality continues today with the Gates Quality Commitment. At Gates, the definition of quality is simple and straightforward -- "To meet or exceed customer expectations with products, services and experiences that are superior to the competition."

Around the world, Gates operations meet the highest quality standards, including ISO and QS-9000.

In addition, Gates has an internal quality process, the Gates Business Leadership Process, or GBLP. The GBLP ensures that all Gates associates work to meet the goals of the company and the needs of customers.