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George Jensen (Scandinavian House) Dubai

George Jensen (Scandinavian House)

Tel: 04-3240704

Category/Detail: Silverware >>>

Dubai / إمارة_دبي

Address: P.O.Box : 6852, Dubai


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Gita Shapiro, (), 22.11.2008 - 06:02

Georg Jensen Dubai

Internationally renowned for Danish decorative art and design, Georg Jensen has arrived in Dubai.

Shoppers at Wafi (Tel - 00 9614 324 0704) can feast their eyes on a product range that includes, classic and contemporary jewellery, watches, cutlery and hollowware, as well as personal accessories.

What had modest beginnings in the heart of Copenhagen in 1904, by 37-year-old Georg Jensen, has inspired a whole generation of creative artists and craftsmen.

These individually crafted items appeal to your inner sensitivity and you will naturally integrate these exquisite works of art into your daily lives. Experience the artistry of Georg Jensen products at the Wafi Shopping Mall.

Georg Jensen (Scandinavian House), P.O. Box 6852, Dubai, U.A.E. Tel : (+9714) 324 0704, Fax : (+9714) 324 0756
Gita Shapiro, (), 22.11.2008 - 06:00

Wholesale Agent
T +971 (0) 4 804 55 00


GJ is an international luxury goods company with Danish roots:

Georg Jensen is a global luxury brand offering a wide product assortment from jewellery to gift articles. Georg Jensen is leveraging 100 years of experience based on unique design language, craftsmanship and superior quality to become a high profile player in the luxury good markets. Georg Jensen is present in more than 12 countries through its international retail network of more than 100 shops complemented by wholesale accounts in Europe.

Georg Jensen product assortment includes diamond and precious stone jewellery, platinum, gold and silver jewellery, watches, stainless steel and silver cutlery, hollowware, gift articles for the home and office and seasonal decorations.

Georg Jensen is owned by Royal Scandinavia, a financial holding company. The main shareholder is Axcel, a private equity firm. www.axcel.dk

Georg Jensen traces its roots back to 1904 when silversmith and sculptor Georg Jensen (1866-1935) started his workshop in Copenhagen. His jewellery, cutlery and hollowware design were an instant success and sought after throughout the world. When Georg Jensen died in 1935, his small workshop had developed into a world-wide company with shops in Paris, London, Berlin and New York. Inspired artistic and talented craftsmen have carried on the tradition of unique design language, craftsmanship and superior quality which remain the cornerstones of Georg Jensen today.

Over the years, many talented designers have contributed to the company distinctive design and style: Nanna Ditzel, Vivianna Torun Bülow-Hübe, the Swedish Prince Sigvard Bernadotte, Henning Koppel and Johan Rohde.

This transformation has been supported by the celebration of Georg Jensen centenary with various activities worldwide: special events, exhibitions, gala fashion shows and special 100 years jewellery collections. In 2006, Georg Jensen opened its luxury jewellery and watch boutique on Rodeo Drive, Berverly Hills. The store was designed by renowned Japanese architect Tadao Ando.

Proud of its Danish roots, committed to its history of quality and craftsmanship our mission is to delight and surprise our customers worldwide by delivering unique products of superior design and quality, underpinned by unrivalled customer service.