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Golden Chain Computer &Mobile; Phones Abu Dhabi

Golden Chain Computer &Mobile; Phones

Tel: 02-6331775, 02-6318778

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Abu_Dhabi_(emirate) / إمارة_أبوظبي

Address: P.O.Box : 33225, Abu Dhabi


Company listed before: Golden Chain Tailoring Shop (Tel: 02-6344052) | Company listed after: Golden Century Spare Parts Co (Tel: 02-6449751)

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Musthafa Pottachola, (gccITservices@gmail.com), 02.08.2015 - 06:01
Dear Team, Golden Chain Computer Mobile Company name changed to \'GOLDEN CHAIN COMPUTER\' Mobile no. changed to 055 90 20 750. No change in other contact details and location. Please update. Thanks and regards Musthafa - GOLDEN CHAIN COMPUTERS.