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Habib Khan Afridi Corp Dubai

Habib Khan Afridi Corp

Tel: 04-2285430

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Dubai / إمارة_دبي

Address: P.O.Box : 4649, Dubai


Company listed before: Habib Khan Afridi Corporation (Tel: 04-2229844) | Company listed after: Habib Jewellery Company (Tel: 04-2269474)

Up to fifteen companies with similar names or scope of business are listed below:

  1. Bin Shabib & Associates - Bin Shabib & Associates,
  2. Al Habib Restaurant - Al Habib Restaurant,
  3. Al Habib Steel Workshop - Al Habib Steel Workshop,
  4. Al Habib Steel Workshop (Reference: 5427) - Al Habib Steel Workshop,
  5. Ali Ahmad Habib Al Khaja - Ali Ahmad Habib Al Khaja,
  6. Ali Habib & Associates Advocates & Legal Consultants - Ali Habib & Associates Advocates & Legal Consultants,
  7. Ali Habib Blacksmith & Turning - Ali Habib Blacksmith & Turning,
  8. Ali Habib Contracting & Gen Maint - Ali Habib Contg & Gen Maint,
  9. Ali Habib Elect & Air Conditioning Repair - Ali Habib Elect & A/C Repairs,
  10. Bin Habib Arts - Bin Habib Arts,
  11. Bin Habib Emirates Switch - Bin Habib Emirates Switch,
  12. Bin Habib Group - Bin Habib Group,
  13. Bin Habib Group (Reference: 15348) - Bin Habib Group,
  14. Bin Habib Group Of Ests - Bin Habib Group Of Ests,
  15. Bin Habib Service - Bin Habib Service,

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