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Ibn Katheer Koran Centre Sharjah

Ibn Katheer Koran Centre

Tel: 06-5383327

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Sharjah_(emirate) / Sharjah_(emirate)

Address: P.O.Box : 64332, Sharjah


Company listed before: Ibn Khaldoon Cultural Center (Tel: 06-5617879) | Company listed after: Ibn Katheer Bookshop (Tel: 06-5733092, 06-5733091)

Up to fifteen companies with similar names or scope of business are listed below:

  1. Ibn Khaldoon Drug Stores - Ibn Khaldoon Drug Stores,
  2. Ibn Khaldoon Medical Speciality Center - Ibn Khaldoon Medical Speciality Center LLC,
  3. Ibn Khaldoun Drug Stores - Ibn Khaldoun Drug Stores,
  4. Ibn Khaldoun Medical Centre - Ibn Khaldoun Medical Centre,
  5. Ibn Khaldoon Cultural & Computer Institute - Ibn Khaldoon Cultural & Computer Institute,
  6. Ibn Khaldoon Grocery - Ibn Khaldoon Grocery,
  7. Ibn Khaldoon Islamic Private School - Ibn Khaldoon Islamic Pvt School,
  8. Ibn Khaldoun Institute - Ibn Khaldoun Institute,
  9. Ibn Khaldoun Languages, Cultural & Computer Institute - Ibn Khaldoun Languages, Cultural & Computer Institute,
  10. Ibn Khaldoon Studies & Human Research - Ibn Khaldoon Studies & Human Research,
  11. Ibn Khater Grocery - Ibn Khater Grocery,
  12. Ibn Katheer Bookshop - Ibn Katheer Bookshop,
  13. Ibn Katheer Koran Centre - Ibn Katheer Koran Centre,
  14. Ibn Khaldoon Cultural Center - Ibn Khaldoon Cultural Center,
  15. Ibn Khaldoon Cultural Centre - Ibn Khaldoon Cultural Centre,

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walid kahil, (walid.kahil@hotmail.com), 29.06.2010 - 13:28
Good Evening, My kid 5 year old girl I need we just came from Egypt and looking for place to memorizing quran Kindly advise do you offer such service if yes please send me the address of the center Thank You
KHADIJAH SA\'IDU-BALA, (hsaidu-bala@hotmail.co.uk), 05.06.2010 - 16:58
> Date: Sat, 5 Jun 2010 14:48:28 -0600 > To: hsaidu-bala@hotmail.co.uk > From: info@kalemah.org > Subject: Copy of: STUDY AT YOUR CENTRE > > Copy of: > > KHADIJAH SA\'IDU-BALA > > Assalamu Alaikum, I would please like to come to the UAE for a month inshAllah from the 4th of September to study tajweed, tafsir, hadith and general islam and would like to find out how much you charge for it. I would also like to find out if you provide accomodation and how much you charge for it.