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Ibtikari Sharjah


Tel: 06-5676663

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Sharjah_(emirate) / Sharjah_(emirate)

Address: P.O.Box : 31110, Sharjah


Company listed before: Ibtikari (Reference: 136704) (Tel: 06-5676665) | Company listed after: Idea Printing Press Service (Tel: 06-5687522)

Up to fifteen companies with similar names or scope of business are listed below:

  1. Alibtikar Aluminium Glass Contracting - Alibtikar Aluminium Glass Contg,
  2. Al Ibtikar Bldg Contracting - Al Ibtikar Bldg Contg,
  3. Al Ibtikar Chemicals (FZE) - Al Ibtikar Chemicals (FZE),
  4. Al Ibtikar Digital Studio - Al Ibtikar Digital Studio,
  5. Al Ibtikar Garments Ironing - Al Ibtikar Garments Ironing,
  6. Faan Al Ibtikar Decor & Paints Contracting - Faan Al Ibtikar Decor & Paints Contg,
  7. Faan Al Ibtikar Studio - Faan Al Ibtikar Studio LLC,
  8. Ibtikari - Ibtikari LLC,
  9. Ibtikari (Reference: 136704) - Ibtikari L L C,
  10. Ibtikar Management Services - Ibtikar Management Services,
  11. Ibtikar Management Services (Reference: 206325) - Ibtikar Management Services,
  12. Ibtikar Management Service - Ibtikar Management Service,
  13. Ibtikari Engineering Consultants - Ibtikari Engineering Consultants,
  14. Al Ibtikar Steel Works - Al Ibtikar Steel Works,

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Mohammad Abdulrahman, (mohdabdulrahman75@yahoo.com), 06.10.2011 - 00:14
October 06, 2011 To: Mr. Kiran Manager Ibtikari Interior Design Sharjah UAE Subject: Complain Against Your Staff / Driver /Office Boy Dear Mr. Kiran, We would like to inform your management that your office boy /Driver Mr. Karki (Nepale national) has been observed by the neighboring area that he is bringing lots of friends for drinking inside your company premises. They are observed as drank and making unnecessary noise in the area. Worst thing we found out that he is bringing different Nepale girls in the middle of the night inside your company which is not allowed and that does not follow UAE rules. Many nights we saw him with different girls and we believe these girls are prostitute. We would like to call the authority for this bad behavior of your staff but we believe, as the company manager you can do disciplinary action against the above-mentioned person, otherwise we shall be force to inform the CID or any police officer if he will not be given any disciplinary action and if he will continue such behavior. His behavior is against the UAE law and should be given rightful punishment Your immediate action on this matter is highly appreciated. Yours, Ibtikari Neighborhood