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Idioms Restaurant Abu Dhabi

Idioms Restaurant

Tel: 02-6810808, 02-6813991, 02-6813345

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Abu_Dhabi_(emirate) / إمارة_أبوظبي

Address: P.O.Box : 41580, Abu Dhabi


Company listed before: Idp Education (Tel: 02-6272902) | Company listed after: Identics (Tel: 02-6326541)

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  1. Idioms Restaurant - Idioms Restaurant,

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James, (jrsnbanguilan@yahoo.com), 03.07.2010 - 18:49
Just to inform you our HORRIBLE MOMENT in IDIOMS CORNICHE ABU DHABI. When me and my Friends ate at this Restaurant Dated 03 July 2010. At 9 pm we ordered our Foods. In the middle of our Conversation with my Friends at 10 pm when one Staff ALIMA interrupt us and brought the BILL without asking her and she say\'s in a RUDE way \" You\'re not going to watch (FIFA) anyway. this table is reserved\". Reserved? In this time just 4 tables included our Table Occupied and there\'a a plenty of Vacancies and she say\'s reserved? Her main reason She meant that \" WE NEED TO GO AWAY \". Me and my Friends was SHOCKED and FEEL HUMILIATED. Is that the way she treated Customers? Is she\'s choosing Customers as we are Asian? If that so - she discriminate us. Is that the way she used Customer Service or they (Company)don\'t teach that Customer Service Skills to the Staff? We were there to BUY the SERVICE and FOODS NOT to treat us like a ANIMALS. We would spent 1,000 dhs in just 1 coffee just to serves us a Good Service. We\'ve been here in UAE in 7 years and we always dine-in in Restaurants from Cheap to CLass and WE NEVER NEVER NEVER EXPERIENCED like this. Thats the MOST important in terms of BUSSINESS. I\'m just wondering HOW MUCH you loss Customers and Income when she always doing that way. Let us say 3 Customers and they spent 150 dhs in one day = 450 dhs. In one Month you LOSS 30 Customers and 4,500 dhs for her. PLUS let us say WE will going to inform to our Friends, Colleagues, Customers, Clients and in their Friends NOT to go to this PLACE as they HAVE BAD BAD BAD BAD SERVICE. I will quarantee you that. TO THE MANAGEMENT of this Restaurant: you must take an Action. THIS IS NOT MY LOSS IS YOURS. Sincerely Yours, First and Last Customer