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International Naval Works

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Address: P.O.Box : 46718, Abu Dhabi


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Abu Dhabi - "Al Gaith", Al Ferdous Tower, El Salam St., Flat 801, P.O.box 46718, UAE.
Telephone No: +971 2 6720140
Fax No.:  +971 2 6780026
e-mail: inwnet@emirates.net.ae
Emergency contact: +971 50 6413761


INW Abu Dhabi

INW Diving and Marine Contractors, was founded in 1977. Its official headquarters is located in Alexandria with branches in Cairo, Abu Dhabi, and Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
INW specializes in the fields of Underwater construction, inspection and maintenance. For more than 25 years, INW has safely and efficiently carried out various underwater jobs and projects. The experience gained over years of service, together with continued investment in human resources and equipment, allows INW to efficiently respond to client requirements.
Throughout these years, INW has built a sound reputation for the provision of qualified Diving, Technical and Inspection personnel to the highest level.

INW is considered one of the pioneers in diving services in the Eastern Mediterranean, Gulf Of Suez and Arabian Gulf. Seeking the ultimate satisfaction of our clients, a free zone company named “International Marine Works (IMW)” was set up in 2002, evolved from the mother company "International Naval Works (I.N.W)" following the same structure , procedures and techniques.

Being a free zone company, IMW is capable of providing special facilities & services to cover the Offshore Petroleum companies with their demands and requirements in a flexible and professional manner.

INW/IMW are Members of The International Marine Contractors Association (IMCA) which guarantee us to follow up the updated safety standards and work procedures in the industry all over the world through periodical meetings and IMCA issues and Safety flashes.

INW/IMW operations are conducted in accordance with the highest international standards for Diving, R.O.V and Marine services.

INW/IMW also are Members of the Association of Diving Contractors (A.D.C).

Its aim is to serve as an industry standard which supports us in improving safety, education and communication throughout the commercial diving industry.
As part of INW/IMW commitment to quality and performance, INW/IMW achieved ISO 9001/2000, ISO 14001 : 2004, and OHSAS 18001 : 1999 acquired from BVQI, The Quality Manual covers the requirements of the International standards and outlines the structure of documentation used in the quality system.

INW/IMW Health, Safety And Environment Manual is a guideline which describes our company’s Health , safety and Environment rules , policies and standards.

Safety within our company is actively authorized and supported by top management. Thus , the H.S.E Management System is implemented all over the company in all company’s sites.

INW/IMW Diving Operation And Safety Manual is a guideline that describes our company diving rules, policies, personnel and plant standards, safety and efficiency planning, operational Standards and limitations while running an operation.