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Ips Trade Dubai

Ips Trade

Tel: 04-8819088, 04-8818998

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Dubai / إمارة_دبي

Address: P.O.Box : 18511, Dubai


Company listed before: Ipsos - Stat (Tel: 04-3434889) | Company listed after: Iplus Opticals (Tel: 04-3372767, 04-3372787)

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Moderator, (), 19.05.2009 - 04:30
this is a website for addresses and telefons, not to complain about a company. If you want to find ips-trade's telefon and address see above. comments like below said are not welcomed in this website.
Mohamed, (mohamed_akram2002@yahoo.com), 19.05.2009 - 04:27
too many postings I have seen in the complaintsbord.com about ips-trade.com it is so obvious, ips-trade.com is working very well and is not cheating anyone. those comments and this one in this website are all bullshits. moreover, when you do not need to register your name and email you can say anything with no proof. so stop telling lies about ips-trade, whoever you are, that are spreading these lies, you are a coward.
Faisal Mubarak, (faisal5329@hotmail.com), 30.04.2009 - 19:23
Please loo at http://www.complaintsboard.com/complaints/ips-tradecom-c152823.html this company has a very bad reputation and everyone i asked told me they were cheated by ips-trade. dont do any businesses with ips-trade. you will lose. they are fraudulent and when you order them european materials you will get bad chinese from ips-trade. ips-trade is a unstable unrilible cheating company.