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Iqra Real Estate Dubai

Iqra Real Estate

Tel: 04-3920012, 04-3920786, 04-3920013

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Dubai / إمارة_دبي

Address: P.O.Box : 94906, Dubai


Company listed before: Iqra Transport (Tel: 04-2736743) | Company listed after: Iqra Management Training Consultancy (Tel: 04-2988113)

Up to fifteen companies with similar names or scope of business are listed below:

  1. Iqra Bldg Cont - Iqra Bldg Cont,
  2. Iqra Air Conditioning Service - Iqra A/C Service Est,
  3. Iqra Carpentry - Iqra Carpentry,
  4. Iqra Cartoons Box Works - Iqra Cartoons Box Works,
  5. Iqra International Private School - Iqra Int Pvt School,
  6. Iqra Metals Melting Industry - Iqra Metals Melting Industry,
  7. Iqra Plaster Tiles & Paints Cont - Iqra Plaster Tiles & Paints Cont,
  8. Iqra Transports - Iqra Transports,
  9. Iqra Used Auto Spare Parts - Iqra Used Auto Spare Parts,
  10. Iqra Used Car Trading Exhibition - Iqra Used Car Trading Exhibition,
  11. Iqra Used Const Equip & Machines - Iqra Used Const Equip & Machines LLC,
  12. Iqra Bus Rental - Iqra Bus Rental LLC,
  13. Iqra Decorations - Iqra Decorations LLC,
  14. Iqra Heavy Equip Rental - Iqra Heavy Equip Rental LLC,
  15. Iqra Management Training & Consultancy - Iqra Management Training & Consultancy,

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