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La Sani Restaurant Sharjah

La Sani Restaurant

Tel: 06-5730075

Category/Detail: Party Planning Service >>>

Sharjah_(emirate) / Sharjah_(emirate)

Address: P.O.Box : 80248, Sharjah


Company listed before: La Sani Restaurant (Reference: 139215) (Tel: 06-5748642) | Company listed after: La Rosa Hardware Equipment Company Ltd (Tel: 06-5430053)

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Amin , (), 13.01.2009 - 20:10
We had a very nice dinner here and I would recommend this restaurant. I'd give food 8 on scale 1 to 10 and service was almost perfect so I'd give them 9+. Also, do you know where I can find a good site that deals with restaurants specifically in Sharjah - I know that the place is not that big but it would be nice to have such a resources. Cheers. Amin