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Lg Electronics Middle East Dubai

Lg Electronics Middle East

Tel: 04-8811210

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Dubai / إمارة_دبي

Address: P.O.Box : 16782, Dubai


Company listed before: Lg Electronics Middle East Co Ltd (Tel: 04-8813693, 04-8813683, 04-8813694, 04-8873749) | Company listed after: Lg Electronics Gulf (FZE) (Tel: 04-8873831, 04-8813997, 04-8810701, 04-8051599)

Up to fifteen companies with similar names or scope of business are listed below:

  1. Lg Electronics Gulf (FZE) - Lg Electronics Gulf (FZE),
  2. Lg Electronics Middle East - Lg Electronics Middle East,
  3. Lg Electronics Middle East Co Ltd - Lg Electronics Middle East Co Ltd,
  4. Lg Electronics Overseas Trading - Lg Electronics Overseas Trading FZE,
  5. Lg Electronics Overseas Trading (Reference: 215031) - Lg Electronics Overseas Trading FZE,
  6. Yousuf Habib Al Yousuf - Lg Elctronics Showroom - Yousuf Habib Al Yousuf - Lg Elctronics Showroom,

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ALI DUBA, (A.H.Dabdoob@hotmail.com), 06.11.2012 - 05:28
i have a/c split unit the indoor unit build up ice the maintance technician came and decided it needs a relay .i waited for them next day to bring the required part and fix it . but they did not come and did not call me .so i called the technician and he told me the part is in the big store and well take e few days to provided it .so i called there office many times to ask why it is taking so long to provide it and to complain why they did not call me back and informed that they can not come next day and they should get my part out of a new unit .but no body answer the phone .i hope my complain will be taking care of.and best regard
Dr. Murad Basheer Mustafa, (drmbmm@yahoo.com), 23.07.2012 - 12:17
Dear Sir, I am writing this complain to you because of the bad service that I received over phone from your team. We made complain on 19.07.2012 for our LG Wash Machine we mentioned that the problem is in the rubber of the door that was damaged the water is going out, they got the complain said they will come either same day or Saturday. Then they called me after two hours to tell me that the technician has twelve complains today but he will try to come before five P.M or otherwise he will come first priority Saturday morning 21.07.2012. I received a call on 21.07.2012 at 08.30 A.M from your team they asked me about the problem again and I explained, then he took the address then he said that your technician will come before one P.M, I said ok. Then after 30 minutes they called my house (Karin called us) she said that they ordered the rubber it will come after two or three days. My question is that: I did not order any rubber, I explained the problem they decided planned their conclusion as per there convenience. Why they gave appointment to visit us since there is a chance that they will order a spare part? Is this a professional way of dealing with your client? They ordered even without making the visit to check the problem? Why they gave appointment and then cancelled it? Why they said that they will try to come on Thursday they didn’t ask for the rubber? All this means that they are not serious or professional in taking the complain. Believe me this is a very bad experience for me with your product after selling. Note: You are saying that our calls will be recorded for training purposes, please go back to these dates check that every single word I said is correct also use it to train your team in order to get at least partial customer satisfaction. Regards, Dr. Murad Basheer Mustafa 00971506621319 0097165359309