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Omeir Youssef Sons(Peugeot Showroom) Al Ain

Omeir Youssef Sons(Peugeot Showroom)

Tel: 03-7220000

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Abu_Dhabi_(emirate) / إمارة_أبوظبي

Address: P.O.Box : 15931, Al Ain


Company listed before: Omer Farooq Aluminum Work (Tel: 03-7214647) | Company listed after: Omeir Travel Agencymain Branch (Tel: 03-7655517)

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Omeir Bin Youssef & Sons


His Excellency Yousef Omeir bin Yousefis the Chairman and CEO of the Abu DhabiNational Oil Corporation (ADNOC). Born in 1958 he is considered one of the doyens of the UAE Oil Industryand is very closely connected to the Royal Family of Abu Dhabi. Yousef Bin Omeir comes from one of the wealthiest families of Abu Dhabi. His family has extensive business interests in the country. Their businesses include licenses awarded to them to import choice goods into the country, real estate, construction, petroleum services and supply, military equipment supply and is also a large player in the service sector. Omeir Travels & Omeir Holidays are the biggest travel agencyin the Emirate of Abu Dhabi and Omeir Automobiles is the sole importer of Peugeot cars into the UAE. The family also has huge stakes in many businesses in the Emirates. It is widely said that before the discovery of oil made the Royal Family stupendously rich, the Al Omeirs were the richest family in the entire country. Al Omeir served as the country's Oil Minister for several years before taking more domestic responsibilities as the Chairman of ADNOC. Al Omeir also sits on the UAE's Supreme Petroleum Council, a powerful body that is responsible for the vast oil reservesof the country and the Emirate of Abu Dhabi.


Establishing a highly-respected dealer network All three models will be available from Global Automotive Partners, together with their appointed dealers, Omeir Bin Youssef & Sons. Omeir Bin Youssef & Sons is part of the highly-respected Bin Omeir Holding Group, and was established in Abu Dhabi in 1956. The company is held in high esteem across the UAE for its solid financial foundation and integrity, together with its efficient and able management. They have several ultra-moderns showrooms, with full service and spare parts facilities, around Abu Dhabi and Al Ain towns. Omeir Bin Youssef currently represents world-leading brands, including Peugeot and Samsung, together with a range of commercial vehicle brands. They have also represented Ford Motors and General Motors, winning a special award for Best Dealer Performer for 25 consecutive years. A new showroom, complete with service and spare parts is being built for the Haima brand.