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Paramond Readymade Garments Trading Ajman

Paramond Readymade Garments Trading

Tel: 06-7438618

Category/Detail: General Trade and Sales >>>

Ajman / إمارة_عجمان

Address: P.O.Box : 20915, Ajman


Company listed before: Paramound Gen Trading (L.L.C) (Tel: 06-7421210) | Company listed after: Paramond Readymade Garment Trading (Tel: 06-7442028)

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Elaine , (jiaxingjinfenghuang@yahoo.cn), 16.09.2010 - 04:47
Hi !Mr This is Elaine from JIAXING GOLDEN PHOENIX PLASTIC CO.,LTD.We very glad hear that your company export to China.Pls send some plastic photos to us . Regards Elaine jiaxingjinfenghuang@yahoo.cn