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Pisco Private School Abu Dhabi

Pisco Private School

Tel: 02-6419611

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Abu_Dhabi_(emirate) / إمارة_أبوظبي

Address: P.O.Box : 29317, Abu Dhabi


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James Mills, (jaz1976gers@yahoo.co.uk), 02.02.2009 - 01:15
My family are moving to Abu Dhabi soon. At the moment we live in Muscat and one of our daughters goes to the Philippine school here in Muscat. She is grade one just what are the costings for schooling at your school
Emanuella Garcia, (emagarcia@ymail.com), 18.12.2008 - 13:46

A bit about PISCO Private School in Abu Dhabi

Sept 2008
As reported in http://www.thenational.ae/article/20080922/NATIONAL/447673075/0/FRONTPAGE

A steep spiral staircase leads from the second floor. Children hide beneath the stairs while others come hurtling down them at the end of the day. Outside, children of all ages run about as they wait for their parents to collect them.

There are 26 classrooms at Pisco, but many are so small they accommodate only 16 children. The school has 12 bathrooms to serve 761 pupils. They are not the sort of facility normally seen in a school, with multiple stalls. Most are single-occupancy rooms, just as they would be in a private home.
Pisco, which opened its doors in 1995, is fortunate: it will be moving to a better facility soon. The school was recently sold and the new owner has plans to raise standards.

“We really need to move from here,” said Geronimo Obaob, Pisco’s principal. “If you would really like to provide quality education that conforms with high standards you have to have the facilities.”

Mr Obaob added that his school has everything – but that everything, in this case, is too small.
“We do have a library,” he said, “but we can only accommodate 20 pupils at a time.”

For parents with children at Pioneers and Pisco, options are limited.

“Most of the Filipino expats can only pay the average amount,” said Daniel Sistona, the principal of Pioneers.

“If it’s more than Dh10,000 there is going to be a problem. Regardless of your nationality or religion all children have the right to learn.”
In addition, many parents want their children to study in a Filipino school so that the transition to a new school will be smoother when they eventually return home.

The side streets around Al Wahda Mall are home to a number of villa schools. Driving through the neighbourhood, they could easily be mistaken for big old houses, hidden by tall gates on the road.

The Little Flower Private School, which opened in 1986, caters for the Indian community. The school is home to more than 500 children, and has a waiting list in the hundreds.
Like Pioneers and Pisco there is no gymnasium. There are 32 classrooms, but many are tiny: the French session feels packed with only a half-dozen children inside.

There is no canteen at Little Flowers and pupils, who attend school from 7.30am to 1.30pm, must bring their own lunch. According to the principal, the school cannot possibly afford the land or construction costs to build a larger facility without Government help.
Rohit Virpala, (rohitmeem@yahoo.com), 25.11.2008 - 03:16
Name of School: PISCO Private School
Address: P.O. Box 29317,
Abu Dhabi, UAE
Contact Numbers: TN: (9712)641-5761/6044
FN: (9712)641-5761
Mobile: (97150)811-3917
E-mail Address: gobaob@yahoo.com

Date Established: 7-Apr-95
Start of Operations: 7-Aug-95
Permit from Host Govt.: 1/422
Date of issuance: 25-Aug-06
School Owner: Private Individuals – Owner (Filipino nationals)
Saleh Heraiz Al Mazrouie – Sponsor (Arab National)
No. of Enrollees: 90 pre-school
321 elementary
193 secondary
(Total) 604 students

School’s Category: Category III
PISCO Background
The PISCO Private School (PPS) is a Filipino-owned private school, pledges itself to the realization of an effective delivery of service to the Filipino community. In September 1995, PISCO Private School opened its doors offering the Pre-elementary, Elementary and the Secondary Levels following the Department of Education Culture and Sports (DECS) curriculum which is patterned from the American system. On 23 August 1995 the school obtained its License from the Ministry of Education No. 1/95 and on 16 October 1996 PISCO gained its Recognition from the Government of the Philippines as one of the Philippines Schools Overseas (PSO). Since then, all pupils/ students of PISCO were no longer required to take the Validation Exams. Graduating pupils/ students were administered with the National Elementary Achievement Test and the National Secondary Achievement Test. PISCO students had been excelling in the said tests ever since the examination was administered. At present, PISCO Private School is continuously serving the Filipino community in Abu Dhabi and has been providing quality basic education among its students. It serves as a venue in developing positive values, nationalism and the pride of the national identity as a unique Filipino individual.

PISCO Mission - Vision Statement
The PISCO Private School, a Filipino-owned private school, pledges itself to the realization of a competent delivery of service to the Filipino community. It is committed to provide quality education tailored on relevant and functional curriculum with the vision of producing graduates who are not only creative but are value-oriented individuals as well.
PISCO Private School in extolling academic excellence as its major thrust in the academe, provides an environment for the development of a student’s maximum potential through wholesome classroom and extra-curricular activities, while instilling the pride of our cultural heritage and national identity.