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Saifco Air Conditioning & Electromechanical Works Dubai

Saifco Air Conditioning & Electromechanical Works

Tel: 04-3366602

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Dubai / إمارة_دبي

Address: P.O.Box : 56135, Dubai


Company listed before: Saifco Air Conditioning Co (Tel: 04-3366602) | Company listed after: Safinat Al Sahraa Trading Co (Tel: 04-2291947)

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mohamed moustafa, (mhmmoustafa@yahoo.com), 17.07.2014 - 10:20
Dear Hiring Manager: I was interested to see your job posting for a [ Electro-Mechanical Plumbing and HVAC project manager] and would like to learn more about this opportunity. I am a [Mechanical HVAC Project manager] with extensive experience [more than 40 years work as project manager for HVAC Mechanical and Electrical activities] for [A different types of projects at Egypt and from2008 up to date at United Arab Of Emirate ].(Details included at the attached my personal documents C.V) My Residence valid up to 11-12-2015 I feel that my skill(s) would be an asset in this role. Thank you for your time and consideration. I hope to have the opportunity to discuss the opening with you in person. Sincerely Mohamed Moustafa E mail mhmmoustafa@yahoo.com E mail mmibabd@yahoo.com Mobil at EGYPT 0020 1063758234 Mobil at UAE 00971 50 2015286 Curriculum Vitae 1- Personal information: Name : Mohamed Moustafa Ibrahim Abd El Kareem Marital status : Married Date of Birth : 8/3/1950 Nationality : Egyptian Telephone at Egypt Telephone at UAE : (0020) (1063758234 ) ::(00971)(50)(2015286) E-Mail : mhmmoustafa@yahoo.com Address at Egypt : Egypt – Cairo – Shobra El Khima Second Division – Fateh area 10 Hussein Ali Saad El Din Street From Teraat El Shabory – from 15 may street. Residence at UAE :Valid up to 11-12-2015 2- Education ---------------------------------------- *Bachelors of Mechanical Engineering Cairo University – Egypt. Year of graduation: 1973 *Course of Projects managements from (URWICK) English institute (The first rank) at 1988 *Statement of projects managements from (USA ministry of defense –New York middle east office) at1988 *Course of HVAC from (Cairo university-Faculty of engineering -the higher studies center) at 1991 * Course of HVAC from (Cairo university-Faculty of engineering -the higher studies center) at 1992 * Course of HVAC from (Cairo university-Faculty of engineering –Arab Contractors institute) at 1992 * Course of Heat insulation from (Cairo university-Searching center) at 1995 * Course of Safety and industrial healthy from (Cairo institute for industrial safety) at 1998 3--professional skills : (A )Project manager skills. ------------------------------------------ *Marketing stage: - Estimate the Electro. Mech., available investments at Egypt,( North, east ) Africa and Arabian Gulf . - Estimate the Target plane and the competition conditions. *Tender stages: - Estimate the manufactures and material suppliers list - Comply the required materials with tender specification - Estimate the required labors, construction equipment. - Estimate the required time schedule used primavera, method of statements. - Estimate the required cash flow - Estimate the Quality control plane - Estimate the Safety control plane - Estimate the Environment control plane - Estimate the direct cost. - Estimate the indirect cost ( over head cost ) - Final review for competition *After awarding: - Flowing up the previous estimated requirements and issues all correction decisions which required to putting the project progress on the Target schedule. - Estimate the disputes conditions; prepare the required claims documents for amicable settlements or for arbitration. - Estimate the test and commissioning method , manuals and procedures - Procedures of the Taking over certificate issues. - Estimate the required maintenance and operation manuals, procedures, following up during the liability period until the final defect liability certificate issues. ( B )Computer skills : - Microsoft Excel - Microsoft Word - Internet research Primavera time schedule method cost control method HVAC load calculation by carrier HAP software ( C ) Language skills : - Very command of spoken and written English. - Very week understand for Russian language. - Very week understand for French language. - Very command of spoken and written Arabic Language. ( D ) Other skills : - Design the ventilation, air condition systems. - * Load calculation free hand using tables and charts or by carrier HAP software - *Air duct sizing and static presser calculation - *pipes sizing and static presser calculation - *Equipments selection - *Measurements - *Control requirements - *Test and commissioning ( E)-Countries visits ---------------------------------- 1-* Arab United of Emirate (Abu Dhabi -Dubai) at 2003 2-*Arab republic of Libya at 2004 (Triply – Benghazi -Toubrok) 3-*Republic of Germany (Munich- Berching – Garmech –Nierenberg – Augsburg) at2007 4-*Republic of Ghana (Accra-Tima) at2008 5-* Arab United of Emirate (Dubai-Sharja) at 2008 up to date 4-Professional membership : Egyptian syndicate for Engineers (Mechanical Division) 5-Previous Experience : AT EGYPT Helwan iron Steel Complex. From To Description 1973 1980 Heat insulation protection for the blast furnace mechanical equipments. Arab Contractors Co. 1980 1986 Refractory lining , heat insulation protection for Helwan, Assuit, Qutamia Cement projects 1986 1988 Air condition, electro., Mech. Service at Cairo (West and East) air force military bases (E2C airplanes hangers projects ) 1988 1989 Air condition, electro. Mech. Service at Cairo, main center of military air defense ( El Gushi- moqatm military center) 1989 1994 Central air condition for the following project * El Kaser El Eyny Hospital (Extension of old building ) *faculty of information , African research institute (Cairo University ) *El Demerdash Hospital *El Nour Mosque at Abasia *Ministry of Education building. *Ministry of Housing New Communities building 1994 1998 Central air condition, Electro. Mech., service at: *Cairo bank new building at Naser city. El *EL Azhar University Hospital 1998 2000 Ventilation air duct works at Alexandria library (BIBLIOTHECA Alexandrina) 2000 2002 Central air condition, Electro, Mech., and navigations aids service at Marsa Alm Airport. 2002 ------------ AT UAE 2008 2008 --------------- Uptodate Sales, marketing , Tenders management ------------------------------------------------ Mechanical(HVAC FireFighting and Plumbing)project manager at different Commercial Residential Hotel Buildings For governement and private sectores