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Sami Foodstuff Trading Dubai

Sami Foodstuff Trading

Tel: 04-3530063, 04-3530260

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Dubai / إمارة_دبي

Address: P.O.Box : 45222, Dubai


Company listed before: Sami George Karabet (Tel: 04-2292211) | Company listed after: Sami Dawood Refrigerators & Air Conditioning Repairing (Tel: 04-3969057, 04-3968186)

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  14. Abdul Sami Grocery - Abdul Sami Grocery,
  15. Abdul Sami Grocery (Reference: 65875) - Abdul Sami Grocery,

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ALBERT FAHMY, (sales@rama-trading.com), 13.07.2010 - 11:56
Dear Sir
I represent trading companies located in Egypt, named Rama, specialize for export foodstuff, juices and other please can you send list of companies that want to import any kind of cargo
1-dairy product
2-milk products
4-oil food
5-tomatoe paste
7-rice -sugar-salt-
8-frozen foods
9-fruits and vegetable
For non food stuff
-1-moalasis cane or bee
3-chmicals and solvent
6-ceramics and marble
8-recycle poly ethylene ,problene
9-master batch different kind of color for plastic
12plastic product
13-herbs in all kinds
And other from Egypt with their contact details such as mail and telephone I will be honor to deal with your respectful country
Best regards,
Albert - tel:2035426267 - fax:2035458429 - mob:0171109048-0122480730 - web :www.rama-trading.com