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School Of Research Science The

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Dubai / إمارة_دبي

Address: P.O.Box : 27463, Dubai


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Namik, (), 08.12.2008 - 01:57
From the founder: The School of Research Science was established for the educational needs of ambitious children in this community. It provides a skills-based education, in which the learning experience will be challenging, exciting and enjoyable.

We cater for students from kindergarten to university entrance. While the school possesses an overall philosophy and general objectives, individual sections within the school will develop specific learning objectives and strategies. These will always be complementary to the philosophical ideas and objectives of the school as a whole.

The philosophy of the school is that the education and development of our students is not to be confined to a narrow or limiting interpretation, but is to be holistic. Thus, the ethos and strategy of the school aims to facilitate development of the intellectual, physical, emotional, spiritual and creative needs of all our students.

The unequivocal and central aim of the school is to provide a quality education for all our students, based on their individual needs, their age, aptitude and ability.

As an Arabic/Islamic school, it is implicit that our curriculum is concerned with preserving the heritage of our culture, its language, its literature, history and especially its Islamic tradition. At the school, we are committed to moulding a future Islamic generation who will be creative, independent thinkers, able to adapt their knowledge and skills to the changing needs of this technological age.

The school has adapted the British curriculum. This is a coherent progressive model, fully planned and used worldwide. This curriculum alongside the Islamic ethos, will develop our students into young men and women, proud and understanding of their own culture but conversant and sympathetic to that which is best in Western ideas and culture. By this dual approach, a positive educational philosophy is our central aim.

Our students are prepared for British examinations, GCSE, IGCSE, AS and A levels which are universally recognized.

We believe that the education of children, in the widest sense, takes place in and out of school, and therefore, the best results can only be obtained by forming a partnership with parents, children and teachers. In The School of Research Science, we make this home/school partnership a vital force in the development of our children. We look forward to developing this close partnership with you.

Should you have any further queries or concerns, please visit us and do not hesitate to make them known.
Nadeen , (nadeensomo@yahoo.com), 16.11.2008 - 04:48
The School of Research Science follows the British National Curriculum in most subjects. In addition a thorough and comprehensive programme is offered for Arabic Language, Islamic Studies and Islamic History. Particular emphasis is laid upon Tajweed and the Islamic programme has been developed in conjunction with Advisory Bodies on Qur'an Learning.

The British National Curriculum

The National Curriculum comprises:

Three core subjects and other foundation subjects. The core Subjects are English, Mathematics and Science. The foundation Subjects are Technology (including Design), History, Geography, Art, Physical Education and a Modern Language (introduced in Key Stage 2). The following chart shows the comparison of the year group descriptions with Key Stages of the National Curriculum.

Students are prepared for British tests (SATs) and examinations, GCSE, IGCSE and A levels which are universally recognised, externally validated and gain entrance to universities both locally and abroad. Preparation and entry for UAE Ministry examinations in Arabic and Islamic studies run in parallel.


A. Admissions Procedure

* General Secretary or Registrar to meet parents and arrange appointment/s for assessment test/s.
* Assessment tests set by Key Stage Coordinators – English and Maths specifically.
* All KG1 Assessments to be conducted by KG1 Coordinator.
* Assessment tests to be supervised by General Secretary. If not available, Key Stage Coordinators or Senior Learning Support Assistants to supervise.
* Assessment tests to be approved and signed by Head Teacher.
* Any weak applications can be recalled at a later date for a second assessment – advised to be given by Head Teacher or Deputies.
* Application form to be completed and all documents (parent's part) to be submitted to Registrar in the first instance or General Secretary.
* Class section and ID number to be arranged by Registrar in the first instance or General Secretary.
* General Secretary to send documents to accounts department and to Bus Coordinator for bus arrangements.
B. Accounts Department
* Ensure application form has management approval for registration.
* Check bus and uniform accounts with Bus Coordinator and Uniform Supervisor in case of credit.
* Discuss payment arrangements (company or personal).
* Offering of lunch services.
* Statement of account to be given to parents.
* Set dates of payments for parents.
* Receiving of any payment due – registration fee of Dhs 3,000 and stamp the application form (posted).
* Enter all student and payment data on Accounts database.
* Stamp the bus form and return to Bus Coordinator as approval to use the school bus.
* Add student name on the lunch list for Catering Company.
* Return application form to the registration department for student records.

C. Registration Department

* Registrar to enter student data into the student database, and arrange student file – collection of all appropriate paperwork to take approval from Ministry of Education.
* Registrar to submit the Ministry registration book containing details of all students in the school. This must be completed before mid November.

D. Withdrawal Procedures

* Parents are asked to write a letter giving notice and mentioning the reasons for withdrawal.
* Reasons to be discussed with school management.
* Parent sent to accounts department for any credits, such as, books, uniform, lunch, transportation or school fees.
* Collection of books and other school materials are to be arranged by administration.
* Transfer paper/s will be given to the parent by Registrar.