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Umar Mushtaq Auto Computer Maint Abu Dhabi

Umar Mushtaq Auto Computer Maint

Tel: 02-6415902

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Abu_Dhabi_(emirate) / إمارة_أبوظبي

Address: P.O.Box : 126501, Abu Dhabi


Company listed before: Umayya Lundry (Tel: 02-6415443) | Company listed after: Umar Khitab Textile & Tailoring (Tel: 02-6215457)

Up to fifteen companies with similar names or scope of business are listed below:

  1. Abu Umar Laundry - Abu Umar Laundry,
  2. Ajay Kumar Rattan - Ajay Kumar Rattan,
  3. Bharat Kumar Depala - Bharat Kumar Depala,
  4. Dilip Kumar Bharati - Dilip Kumar Bharati,
  5. Hemanth Kumar - Hemanth Kumar,
  6. Kumar Jewellers - Kumar Jewellers,
  7. Kurukulasooriya Merengi Ralalge Jude Saman Kumar - Kurukulasooriya Merengi Ralalge Jude Saman Kumar,
  8. Padmakumar Tax Consultants - Padmakumar Tax Consultants,
  9. Padmarajaiah Rakshith Kumar - Padmarajaiah Rakshith Kumar,
  10. Umar Jewllers - Umar Jewllers LLC,
  11. Umar Khitab Textile & Tailoring - Umar Khitab Textile & Tailoring,
  12. Umar Mushtaq Auto Computer Maint - Umar Mushtaq Auto Computer Maint,
  13. V S Ajai Kumar, Dr - V S Ajai Kumar, Dr,
  14. V S Ajai Kumar, Dr (Reference: 40347) - V S Ajai Kumar, Dr,
  15. Vasudevan Balaskand Kumar - Vasudevan Balaskand Kumar,

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Toqer, (), 24.09.2010 - 02:13
Hi my name is toqeer i m from usa and i m a futre mpa from dijkot i have lexus 460 in abu dhabi i go to umer and .he is prfct thanks
malik ramzan, (sanjog438@yahoo.com), 26.09.2009 - 02:41
my name is ramzan and i have a merecedes benz 2007 s500 and i got some faults then ifaults he is super take to the umer mushtaq he solv my car
huny, (malikbasher@yahoo.com), 13.08.2009 - 01:16
hi my name is huny & i living in dubai umer mushtaq is in abu dhabi .i am going from dubai to umer mushtaq he is super whin i need buy a car or i need rapairing he is super doing his jab and he is vry famous in uae thanks
mohmed al umry , (malomari2001@yahoo.com), 29.06.2009 - 08:51
hi if you want go to umer mushtaq he is on defence rod his teliphone 026415902/0505120476/ i heared that he is good thats why i came to him
farooq, (resthouse777@yahoo.com), 29.06.2009 - 08:48
hi i know umer mushtaq he is lexus doing super job he is also doing evry car computer test &rapair can be trust thanks