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Yousuf Abdul Khaliq Metal Scrap Trading Dubai

Yousuf Abdul Khaliq Metal Scrap Trading

Tel: 04-2861412

Category/Detail: Scrap Merchants >>>

Dubai / إمارة_دبي

Address: P.O.Box : 4665, Dubai


Company listed before: Yousuf Abdul Lah Abdul Raheem Shop (Tel: 04-2256604) | Company listed after: Yousuf Abbas Trading (Tel: 04-2281715)

Up to fifteen companies with similar names or scope of business are listed below:

  1. Abdul Rahman Ali Yousuf Hassan - Abdul Rahman Ali Yousuf Hassan,
  2. Abdul Rasheed Yousuf Saloon - Abdul Rasheed Yousuf Saloon,
  3. Abu Yousuf Foodstuffs - Abu Yousuf Foodstuffs,
  4. Abu Yousuf Manual Carpentry - Abu Yousuf Manual Carpentry,
  5. Abu Yousuf Readymade - Abu Yousuf Readymade,
  6. Abu Yousuf Tailoring & Embroidery - Abu Yousuf Tailoring & Embroidery,
  7. Abu Yousuf Tailoring Embroidery - Abu Yousuf Tailoring Embroidery,
  8. Abu Yousuf Workshop - Abu Yousuf Workshop,
  9. Abdul Azeez Yousuf Electronics Co - Abdul Azeez Yousuf Electronics Co,
  10. Al Yousuf - Al Yousuf LLC,
  11. Al Yousuf Computers - Al Yousuf Computers,
  12. Al Yousuf Computers (Reference: 10670) - Al Yousuf Computers,
  13. Al Yousuf Electronics - Al Yousuf Electronics LLC,
  14. Al Yousuf Electronics - Lg - Al Yousuf Electronics Llc - Lg,
  15. Al Yousuf Engineering For Turning & Blacksmith - Al Yousuf Engineering For Turning & Blacksmith,

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Mirza Tamur Ashraf, (mirzatamur@hotmail.com), 23.10.2009 - 03:08
Dear sir How are you,I hope enjoying Good Health.I am very interested in your organization to work with you your sales representative/Officer at your Office for Pakistan,India and bangaladesh.I have a strong Relation in Pakistan steel mills owner and think that I could apply my combination of knowledge,Relation and experience to your organization. I have experiance in Ferrous and Non Ferrous Metal Scrap.I have interst in your fallowing Products New white tinplate Scrap D-Tinns Bundles scrap LMS in Press Bails(carbody) Shredded Steel Scrap Electric Moters Scrap AC and Frigde Comparssor Scrap i will give your order of Ferrous metal scrap from Pakistan I look forward of your response Thank you for your consideration Best regards, Mirza Tamur Ashraf Baig (Mr) Add: House 479 Street 17 Shazad Town–Islamabad – Pakistan. Tel : +92.333.8464826 Email : mirzatamur@hotmail.com